Unemployment amongst people with disabilities stands at over 70% in South Africa.  In addition, there are many challenges with disability access.  With this in mind, we find, support and scale social innovations which provide solutions for people with disabilities.

One such initiative is the Disability Empowerment Awards, born out of our Social Innovation Awards, and which carries additional prize money, as we recognised the critical work carried out in this under-served sector. In judging these awards, the innovation’s business potential, life-change potential and scalability are reviewed.

The SAB Foundation has also formed a partnership with HeePD (Hub Employment Ecosystems for People with Disabilities), with a contribution of R2 100 000 in funding allocated to create a new pilot project. This working pilot project with HeePD focuses on three distinct areas; the establishment of contact centres and help desks, urban farming and recycling. Launched in February 2017, HeePD seeks to benefit people with disabilities by creating a Hub ecosystem that provides employment, enterprise and innovation, including job prospects and placements for corporate partners.