• If you are an employee of the SAB Foundation, SAB Pty Ltd, SAB Miller Plc., ABI and affiliates

  • If you have already been awarded a grant by the SAB Foundation

  • If your business is not operational and it is just an idea or a concept

  • If your business’s sole operations are alcohol related i.e. tavern, shebeen, bottle store or pub

  • If your business primary operations are sex, gaming, gambling, tobacco or illegal

  • If your business is a franchise: you are a franchisor or franchisee etc

  • If your business is an NPO (not-for-profit organisation), NGO (non-governmental organisation), home based care service organisation, community uplifting project, youth development / educational organisation etc., recycling project, women and children’s home, sports and recreation centre, youth diversion project, skills development project: therefore if it does not have a profit motive

  • If you require sponsorship for an event, a launch, a conference, a forum, a seminar, a party or a fundraising function, land and building acquisitions

  • If you require a bursary, a scholarship, an internship, and funding in the form of studies, exchange programmes and textbooks. etc.

  • If you require any form of sponsorship or donations

I will never forget the assistance that the SAB Foundation has granted us to help our small business grow. We now have two factories and our old and new employees work happily together. Thank you to the SAB Foundation team. I couldn’t have achieved such growth without your help.
— Cherry Lucena - Owner, Tehilaa Golden Bag