Zahied is a passionate and friendly entrepreneur. We were welcomed into his Grassy Park home with as much love and warmth as humanely possible. His daughter, who is currently in her final year of Pharmaceutical Studies, served us with homemade samosas and milk tart. We began our photography journey after hearing the wonderful story behind how and why this business began.

Zahied has a practical background, and has always enjoyed working with his hands. It was twenty-two years ago that a traumatic accident left him paralysed from the rib cage down. He has come to know what needs, both basic and more advanced, there are when it comes to the development of the right kind of wheelchair. Zahied designed a double-tubed modular wheelchair which has been put together in such a way that the manufacturing costs are decreased – making the wheelchair less expensive as a whole.

While manufacturing the wheelchair, he studies part-time, lectures at CPUT and works in I.T. He would like to complete his Masters in Digital Forensics in the next few years.

Zahied heard about the SAB Foundation when he approached his bank for a business loan. He is wanting to use possible funding to expand his business and make the wheelchairs as affordable and light as possible. The goal is to get the weight of the wheelchair from its current 12 kg mark, to 8 kg.

Zahied has partnered with an online company who locates customers. At the moment, it is only Zahied, the mechanic suppliers who are mainly from Germany, and his family members who are part of the business. 

He is currently working on making the chair look “sexier” and is very happy with the ergonomically correct positioning of the chair. This is absolutely crucial for a person spending all day in the chair. Zahied knows and appreciates the value of true understanding, and believes that his design of chair understands the need of the person using it.