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Michael Stevens is the business partner of Johan Snyders. As the face of Marketing and Sales, Michael is passionate about the cause and hopes to make a difference in every facet of the business. He has been making use of prosthetics for twenty years – this after being in a traumatic car accident at the age of 12. He and Johan met while he was training for the London Paralympics in 2012. The friendship grew, and the need for prosthetic limbs for children was apparent more than ever. Together they formed Jumping Kids; highlighting the importance of mobility in children with disability, as well as the need for surrounding education.

Michael has a background in Marketing and PR, but is constantly refining his skills. A course in Social Entrepreneurship at GIBS led him to the SAB Foundation. They hope that they will obtain the funding in order to grow the business and be able to provide more prosthetics. He says that there are many, many customers – it is just a matter of getting funding in order to deliver the required services. Currently the business has no guarantee of income and staff members help out on a volunteer basis. Income is monitored on a year-to-year basis, and the majority of the pre and post-amputation clients are drawn to Jumping Kids through word-of-mouth. 

Nthando, who is 14 years old is a proof of their concept. He has just obtained a silver medal at the recent Paralympics. Nthando is a big part of the Jumping Kids business and can be seen as the face of their ideas in restoring dignity, providing inclusion and focusing on active living despite disability.