Ashley Mentoor and his business, Flowers Direct, are participants of the SAB Foundation Tholoana Enterprise Programme. Since embarking on the programme, his business has expanded, allowing him to grow more flowers, streamline operations and take on more staff.

Ashley Mentoor had always loved nature and knew from an early age that he wanted to be involved in a business to do with plants. In 1998, the year that he had just come to the end of his studies in Horticulture, he faced a traumatic car accident. The recovery process was long, and he sold seedlings to earn money.

This business grew to become Flowers Direct – the company which supplies magnificent flowers and seedlings to customers in both Stellenbosch and Paarl.

Ashley heard about the SAB Foundation from the local municipality, and is quick to explain how the funding changed his business in many ways.

A new tunnel and system was developed, and he was able to employ more staff and expand his business dramatically.

Many of his consumers are locals, and he is always approached with new orders and projects. Despite growing taking on more employees as the business grew, Ashley continues to do much of the work on his own. He works every day of the week, and only rests for a bit of time on a Sunday.

It is clear that Ashley absolutely loves what he does, and his success has been a result of the passion and heart that he puts in every hour of every day.