At the tender age of twenty-four Ashely Uys left his internship in industry to pursue the start of his own business. Challenges such as being taken seriously by investors made the get going difficult. That was five years ago.

Today, Ashley has been a judge for the SAB Foundation and has an employee count of thirty-five. It was through the Business Incubator in 2008 that Ashley became acquainted with the work of the SAB Foundation and through this award that he was able to purchase assets for manufacturing, improve cash flow and grow his business as a whole.

The majority of his consumers have made contact with the business through media exposure. The public relations exposure he received at events and competitions allowed him to boast business visibility and grow both consumer and potential consumer connections. The majority of his products are exported, and the demand for the offering is just increasing.

The malaria test kit was one of the first innovations which put Ashley on the medical map. He has a strong background in bio-technology and is passionate about the diagnostic industry possibilities. He saw the gap and was brave enough to put his might and efforts towards achieving his goal.

Ashley is proud of how the company has grown and flourished and is happy that the product performs so well. It is a technical dream when a product can display whether or not a treatment is working, and with the technology Ashley puts forward, the product can do just that.