To drive entrepreneurship and innovation, we believe that we need to have a thorough understanding of the environment within which we operate, while still being realistic about what needs to improve in order to drive economic growth and job creation.

South Africa is an entrepreneurial leader in Sub-Saharan Africa. The country has made significant progress to overcome structural factors and produce some of the most innovative and successful enterprises on the continent. With the addition of targeted, coordinated policies to address remaining bottlenecks, the country is poised to achieve greater growth through entrepreneurship.

We work with approximately 80 new entrepreneurs every year and have positive experiences of innovation and growth, along with a well-developed (if a little fragmented) entrepreneurship ecosystem.

In this section we share research that we have conducted, as well as other resources that we feel may be useful to people wanting to find out more.

Entrepreneurial ecosystem in South Africa infographic

An infographic which paints a picture of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in South Africa.

Entrepreneurial ecosystem in South Africa research report

A report commissioned by the SAB Foundation and Allan Gray Orbis Foundation into the entrepreneurial ecosystem in South Africa.