Zis’Ukhanyo Kubantu

  • 1 June 2017

Bringing light to the people.

In distant and hard to reach places, sometimes referred to as ‘Last Mile’ distribution areas, rural communities have limited access to products that can substantially benefit their lives. To tackle this problem and boost micro-entrepreneurship, Zis’Ukhanyo (“bringing light”) was born. The project sells a range of products that are first identified by the communities as having social, economic and environmental value. These include solar lamps, energy efficient stoves and health and hygiene products for women.

The project is being run by Save Act in partnership with the SAB Foundation and Reciprocity, whilst Johnson & Johnson Global provides technical support.

Pictured above is Nokuzola Bhekaphezulu (situated in Khaoue near Matatiele), a 51-year-old grandmother and serial entrepreneur. Through Zis’Ukhanyo she sells medicine to the community and added another stream of income to support her family. Bhekaphezulu stated: “The remedies, have quickly become my best seller because everyone in the community needs them”.

Zis’Ukhanyo is testing whether savings groups in rural areas can provide a market that sustains new enterprise, and a follow-up visit last week by SaveAct and partner organisations found encouraging results.