• 19 May 2017

“I don’t have words to explain how profound and deep seated my goodwill sentiments are for the SAB Foundation. I am grateful for the business opportunities you have extended to us – your deeds are very true to where your investment is in developing SME’s. This wouldn’t be possible without your goodwill – thank you kindly for all you do in supporting and advocating goodwill for SME’s – be blessed.”

William Dhlongolo – Isiyalu Business Enterprises

“Allow me on behalf of TKY Trading to send our words of gratitude for the awesome business opportunity afforded to us. Words will never be enough to express how we feel. We believe this was the platform to spread our wings to greater challenges and business opportunities and we are so grateful. The SAB Foundation has changed our businesses life and our own so much, the support is so priceless. If given a chance, we would do it repeatedly. We really appreciate everything. Thank you.”

Yvonne Makuwa – TKY Trading

“ Thank you all for your work, support and encouragement. Being featured as one of the world’s top 100 most inspiring social innovations is remarkable and would not have happened without all your involvement. Vula’s impact is growing. By January 2016 100 patients were referred on Vula. By the end of this April 2017, this figure will be more than 800. In 2017 we are aiming to further improve the public health service in South Africa as well as expand into more countries. None of this would have happened without the SAB Foundation prize. It turned a demo into a product and a dream into a reality. We are eternally grateful.”

William Mapham – Vula Mobile

“I personally want to thank The SAB Foundation and the Tholoana enterprise team for all the time and effort extended to us to grow our business. Our company continues to increase in size and employ more people. The workshops I went through during the programme have given me a wealth of knowledge to continue success. Thank you!”

David Mokwele – Mamokoele Construction

“I have said thank you before, yet my words were not sufficient on expressing how grateful I am for the support. Getting me out of this self-inflicted quagmire has given me and my company an additional opportunity and lit the fire that was dwindling within me. The training provided through Fetola has also helped to ensure that I do no repeat these mistakes again. I truly appreciate the support I have received from SAB Foundation through the Tholoana enterprise program.”

Kholisile Khumalo – Mzansi Scuba Diving Academy